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Peavy Funeral Home

"Our dedication is to the families we serve."


Our Family


Marlon and Debbie Peavy

Funeral Director and Owner    Vice President and Owner

Peavy Funeral Home was established in 1994 by Marlon and Debbie Peavy. Two local hometown people that have grown Peavy Funeral Home into the leading funeral service in Calhoun, Liberty and surrounding counties for over 25 years.


Jerry and Nichole Peavy Kollarik


Manager Of Cemetary Operations     Manager 

Peavy funeral home can handle any cemetery or monument needs a family might want, any type and style of monuments, coping, chips or any type of cemetery maintenance.


Travis and Niki Peavy

Crematory Operations Manager     Floral Design Manager

Peavy funeral home has Omega Crematory on-site for your family’s convenience. Your loved ones will not have to be transported to an out of town facility. 

Peavy funeral home also has an on-site florist. Shivers florist can handle all your floral needs. We offer fresh or silk resting and standing sprays, baskets, and live potted plants.

Our Facility

Main Chapel


An elegant and spacious chapel that can accommodate up to 175 people, with comfortable pew seating, and media capabilities for your family's needs.  

Viewing Rooms


We offer 3 private viewing rooms for groups of up to 15 people.



A large and inviting foyer for greeting your beloved family members.

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Peavy Funeral Home

20367 NW Evans Ave, Blountstown, FL 32424, US

(850) 674-2266

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